Friday, 27 July 2007

Shawl pins have arrived

My long-awaited shawl pins have arrived! I ordered these from Leslie Wind (what a great name) a few weeks ago. Her website isn't complete yet, but that didn't matter as I was googling shawl pins and that page of her site showed me what I was looking for. She also makes other jewellery, and she was very helpful when it came to ordering. Just email her with what you want.

Aren' t they pretty? They're both silver - the spiral one just hooks into the knitting at each end, the other one has a pin. I can now mail the shawl and spiral pin to my mum as a surprise gift. It's not her birthday or anything - I never seem to get organized enough to send things for specific occasions.

Now I feel that I should knit my dad something - possibly some socks.

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