Thursday, 26 July 2007

Views of the Okanagan

My teenager decided to bike up to the top of Mount Boucherie last night, though a large part of the climb was on foot, carrying his bike up steep rocks! It's not a very big mountain, but from the top one can enjoy great views of the area. I'm pleased he took the camera with him and here are some of the pictures he came back with.

The one above shows where our house is - lurking behind those trees dead centre, in a small subdivision surrounded by fields mostly planted with grapevines. This photo makes us look very close to the lake - what you can't see is the regional park that slopes down to the lake behind the street of houses and trees near the top of the picture .

Above...looking south towards Penticton
Below...looking north towards Vernon

Below...Okanagan Lake bridge with the new bridge being constructed alongside. The new one is way higher at one end than the current one, as there will be no lifting section to allow sailboats to go through - so once it's finished in 2008, sailors and motorists will be able to have unrestricted flow under and across the bridge - theoretically.

Below...looking east to Kelowna

As Katherine said the other day, when she posted her photos of her neighbourhood, it's heartening to see how much green surrounds us. We don't live in a "concrete wasteland" for which I am very grateful.

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Katherine said...

Great photos, L! Love the views and it's really cool to see that shot of the new bridge from an aerial view. I do love the greeness surrounding where you live Nicola and I can never get enough of looking at Lake Okanagan.