Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Apron in use!

Thanks to both Samantha and Katherine for the gifts they gave me at the beach yesterday. It's not my birthday until Friday but I am already wearing the apron. I am saving both bars of chocolate for the weekend though (that'll test my willpower)!

Here is the apron - great coverage for messy cooks like me, even extending right around the hips. Katherine asked for feedback, and the only thing I would change about this apron is to make the neck hole a little smaller so it's higher at the front. The design is ingenious and as usual Katherine's sewing is perfect.

I already had a browse around Art of Yarn this morning, looking for something on which to spend my gift certificate from Samantha, but I couldn't decide. I am better at choosing yarn when I have a specific project in mind, so I will have to give it some thought.


Katherine said...

Yay! Glad to see you're putting that apron to use, Nicola. It looks good on you, too. Would you consider being my apron model? You make my sewing look better. I do appreciate the feedback on the design because I don't have a dressmaker's mannequin to try things out on. Of course that won't stop me from sewing - I just keep stitching and trouble
shooting as I go along ;o)

Good girl for sticking to your raw food diet and leaving that tempting chocolate alone. Such will power!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful darling, beautiful. Sorry I couldn't have been at the beach, I thought of you all while I was slaving away, sniff, sniff. Good job Katherine!