Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Thrift Stop

I really had to stop at the thrift store today. I did have some things to donate and I was after all, running another errand just across the street (so it made sense to pop in there when I was that close...) plus, I've not been to any thrift stores in several loooooong weeks. There. Justifications over. Now can I interest you in seeing a bit of the loot I picked up today?

I was talking to Anne just last week about wanting to find a whole big bag of buttons at the thrift store for a good price. Until today, I've not come across such a find. This haul made up for it. All these goodies for $2. As you can see, the bag was predominately comprised of full button cards - new ones, actually - so finding a use for them will be easy. *Anne, I'm still searching for a lovely cache of vintage buttons, even though this score is helping to nourish my button box. ;o)
The second find of the day that I have to share came with a tag that read "As is" beside the measly $5 price tag. Now, those two words alert me that the item is imperfect in some way. Most commonly meaning it's stained or ripped. When I pulled this beauty from its hanger, another shopper came up to me and said that she'd take it if I didn't want it. I dutifully searched front and back of this quilt and can't find why the tag read "As is" and I obviously disappointed the fellow bargain hunter when I told her I was keeping it.
(Again sorry about the poor colour quality of my photo. The close up shot gives a more accurate colour portrayal then the outside shot of the whole quilt. At some point I'll get better at picture quality consistency.)

Do you know that the hardest part about this purchase was the fact that it's the first quilt I've ever bought? All the other quilts in our household have been handmade (not all by me, though!) As an aspiring quilter, I felt some guilt depriving another of this pretty quilt because I know how to quilt and it's likely that she doesn't. Anyhow, my thrifty nature won the mental argument. I mean $5 for a double size quilt???!!!

As a final note, and an intentional teaser, please keep checking our blog as there's some fun headed your way in the next month. We're talking some goodies just for you. All we need you to do is comment when you visit so we will know who to share the "loot" with.


Roxanne said...

That is an amazing button score! To actually get matching buttons is quite an accomplishment :) Love the just can't pass up a bargain like that!

RJDK said...

I am curious about goodies. So, here is my comment.

I can't wait to find out what it is. Do we win something? Loot always sounds good.

Good score on the buttons and the quilt.

Fantastic Five said...

Hey you! You went to the thrift store with out me! I won't scold you too severely if you promise to go again with me soon. Great finds, by the way.


Nicola said...

Congrats on the buttons - way better than a mixed bag full of ugly stuff that one usually finds.
Love the quilt. I have a quilt and matching pillow shams that I bought for $5 at a garage sale - looks like a shop bought quilt, though it does have handquilting. I have enjoyed it almost as much as the ones I made myself.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific thrift store haul!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lucky, lucky, you. The quilt looks beautiful and the buttons look like a good addition to your stash. I keep an eye out for vintage buttons.

Heather said...

I now pass you the "Queen of Thrifting" crown. I'm not worthy....that quilt easily qualifies as the best thrifting find. I love it, the colours are so pretty. Can you imagine someones just giving that to the thrift store? I'm glad that they did for your sake but really....what were they thinking? It is beautiful, all that hard work just tossed in the thrift store I am getting upset. ;-)

Mary-Sue said...

Wow! i am continuallly impressed with your thrifting prowess! are you out searching a lot? or just have incredibly good luck?

Katherine said...

Thanks everyone!

rjdk - you will have to keep reading our blog to find out what "loot" we're offerring to give away.

Anne- yay! glad to know you'll be looking out for those vintage buttons!

Dianne - you know I'm looking forward to our next thrifting adventure

Heather - you read my mind with the quilt. I couldn't imagine why it ended up at the thrift store, but I'm enjoying it!

Mary-Sue - contrary to popular belief, I don't go to the thrift stores very regularly. I like to think that if I follow Samantha's idea of bringing an "offerring" to the thrift store that I will find treasures that day. It sooooo came through on this particular visit. Well, maybe we'll have to come up with a way to teach you long-distance?

Amy said...

i am jealous of your button find. i am obsessed with buttons and will buy them at every estate sale i go to!