Sunday, 26 August 2007


I have been bamboozled this weekend. What I mean is, this yarn distracted me from my Patronus sock knitting. It's lovely and soft and it's made from bamboo, cotton and elastic. These Fetching fingerless mitts are knitted from a pattern in the colour dutch blue. Photo doesn't do it justice...I took these photos at about 1am in artificial light.

They were very quick and simple to knit - one on Friday and one on Saturday - though I had to put the second one down to watch Casino Royale. If I had had to look away for one minute I would have missed the action - and wow, what action. It certainly makes the old James Bond films look lame!

I finished the second thumb after the movie, hence the late night. I am having a lot of fun thinking about what's going in this box ----------------->
(I love doing that arrow thing)

The theme is definitely knitting, though there are a few non-knitting items in there, and I have room for more. What is this box, you may ask? You'll find out more as the Equinox approaches.

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Mary-Sue said...

oooh! i love mystery and surprises! what fun!