Monday, 13 August 2007

A bit of everything...

I was disappointed that last night I didn't see any Perseids. I took out a tarp, spread it out on the grass in my backyard, covered it with a quilt and lay back hoping for some meteor watching. One son came out and joined me, then another, then another. It was cool out there and I was glad of the warm clothes and extra quilt on top. Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud around, the city lights were reflecting off the cloud, and even though there were big enough breaks to see stars, still no meteors. Two of the boys and I had a fun snuggle though and S started seeing shapes in the clouds. The two that made me laugh were "a bull with no back legs, running" (huh, how does a bull with no back legs run, I asked) and a moose falling down!

I think I was in the kitchen for 90% of the day today. I made fresh tomato sauce - we bought a 25 pound box of tomatoes and weren't using them up fast enough and they were going mushy.

I made more apricot jam, this time with extra pectin and some lemon and orange juice. The last batch was a bit runny.

I had a lot of half-price overripe bananas so I made banana cakes - these are somewhat flat and I realised when I tipped them out of the loaf pans that I used to use my small pans for these. Still tasted good though. This is the best banana cake recipe ever - it's in one of my cookbooks that I brought with me when I emigrated and it has lots of bananas and no sugar.

I made three loaves of wholewheat bread.

And here's where the tomato sauce ended up - as part of two dishes of lasagna for dinner. Why two? Well, the one above is for the adults, who like brown lentils and don't want to eat soy. And the one below is for the kids, who hate lentils and love the creamy tofu layer and the soy cheese on top. So everyone is happy! THAT doesn't happen every day!!

My friend took the two younger boys to the beach this afternoon, the oldest was on the computer, so I went for a walk. It was a perfect sunny day - not TOO hot. And I remembered to feel gratitude that today I have felt absolutely NO pain and I can at last foresee a time in the near future when I will be back to Taekwondo and weight-training.

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