Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Yay, we saw meteors last night. I went out on the deck last night and looked at the sky and it was completely clear and I saw a meteor, so the boys and I ended up lying on the trampoline, hoping for some more. We did see a few and we were in awe of the thousands of stars we could see, which of course led to some discussion of whether space goes on for ever and ever or if it just stops. Is space like a snowglobe and you hit the edge one day and see a giant hand on the other side getting ready to shake it all up?

The boys cannot, of course, just lie there quietly and enjoy the view, there was lots of silliness, and bugging each other, and farting under the quilt (yes, I'm afraid so), and at one point the big teen guy creeps up on us and jumps on the trampoline and scares the bejesus out of me, so needless to say we were not quiet and we ended up coming inside just before midnight, grumpy because the two smalls had had a tiff over some Lego (those flashing things that I think are Bionicle weapons).

This morning, my dear husband (the early to bed, early to rise type) had left me a note to say a sarcastic Thank You for waking him up with all our noise in the backyard. Sorry dear!

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