Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Mmmmmm, crepes.

Yesterday was an all day at home day for us. It was lovely. We had friends to visit with and I got some canning done. I am trying to free up space in my freezers for corn ( corn is a priority, along with strawberries) and so wanted to make sure all of last years berries were used up. I took the last of last year's raspberries, blackberries and currants and made a fruit syrup out of them. (Did you think I would ever get it done Samantha?) Since we had all that syrup on hand it seemed only right that we made some crepes this morn to try it out. Crepes also have a way of making wasp-stung little fingers feel much better.
Since I had to go into town today I figured I better stop by our Westside thrift store to see if they had some small canning jars. They did have several, for only 15 cents each so I got them all and a few other goodies too. I couldn't resist this laundry bag, it looks brand new (still has the fold marks in it). With all the travelling we have been doing a laundry bag is bound to come in handy, although it is so pretty that I might not want the boys putting their grubby clothes into it. *Nicola - loads of yarn at the new SA.

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