Monday, 6 August 2007

Need a rest...

I deserve a lie down in my new hammock after all that canning. Hours on my feet today, canning apricots in their own juice - it's a hard life!

Dear husband brought in 15 bowls of varying sizes full of apricots before I was even out of bed. Yikes! I was able to rinse and sort them all, canning 18 quarts (litres) in three batches and freezing a few. Some were still a bit green so they are waiting for me to get the energy to make more jam or some fruit leather.

The hammock is an early birthday present, for which I have been dropping unsubtle hints for some time!


Samantha said...

Wow Nicola, that sure looks relaxing!! We have had a hammock for almost 10 years now but have had nothing to hang it too.

Katherine said...

Oh, yeah. Just what I've been dreaming of having too. The perfect place to relax, especially after all that canning!