Sunday, 5 August 2007

All done

My son's bear is modelling the latest creations to fly off my needles. The baby cardigan is now complete with buttons and the bonnet finished off with ribbon, thanks to my trip to Fabricland today.

I know that these items were designed as teaching tools for Maggie Righetti's students, but if I were to make similar things again I would definitely knit the sleeves in the round and choose a hat pattern without seams. Since reading all Elizabeth Zimmermann's books, I have totally become a "seamless snob" and every time I see a sweater knitted in four pieces I think, "Why?". Baby garments especially need to be comfortable and seams are going to dig in to a baby's sensitive skin. Plus if you knit in the round, you are avoiding lots of purling and the dreaded sewing it all together at the end.

Now I must get back to that little sock which has been languishing in my knitting bag while I digressed.


Amanda Jean said...

so cute! you did a nice job on it.

Katherine said...

Adorable, Nicola. Oh-so-glad that you've run through this project so that you can trouble shoot it for the rest of us ;o) I do want to tackle a sweater and would prefer to have the pattern easy to handle.