Monday, 13 August 2007

Projects in Progress

I have been requested by Heather to post photos of what I'm currently making. So just to show that I haven't taken a creative break, here's what I'm in the middle of and the reason why I haven't been doing any knitting (shame on me, eh, Nicola?)

The above photo of globe thistles growing in my yard inspired me to make this:

This little piece of embrodiery is destined to be incorporated into a quilting project.

Speaking of quilting... this scrappy fabric quilt is nearing completion. I'm busy hand stitching the back of the binding and once that's completed and the thread ends from machine quilting have been taken care of, I will post photos of the finished quilt.

Next up is my current putterings with embroidery floss. I've been playing around with ideas to incorporate bits of embroidery into other projects like little pillows, bags and even needlecases. At this stage I'm just stitching up whatever suits my fancy. Later I will have to decide on fabrics etc. These bits of stitchery are relaxing to work on in the evenings and I'm enjoying using my recently thrifted score of embroidery floss.

The close up of my first attempt at hand embroidering in many years...

Now, do you see why my knitting has taken a back seat at the moment?


Heather said...

Oh, I love the embroidery, especially the globe thistles. I so want to learn how to do that properly. Maybe you could have an embroidery night and share you expertise??? I'd offer to have it at my house but you know how I like to serve you guys hooch when you come over and then the embroidery might not turn out quite right, heh?
You have been busy, looks like that thrifted sheet was just right for that quilt.

Nicola said...

That quilt is beautiful. Thanks for the show-and-tell.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Lovely work--I love the globe flowers and the quilt is fab! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment--it's so nice to meet new people!
Smiles, Karen