Monday, 10 September 2007

I've been busy...

Here is my little family of knitted clogs, waiting for their turn in the washing machine.

They are made up of a variety of different yarn from my stash bag. A long time ago, I had this vision of myself making lots of felted bags and purchased lots of different coloured wool. The reality of it was that bags are sort of boring to knit so to do lots of bags just wasn't going to happen. Enter clogs. Quick, easy, fun - well, fun because they are so quick and easy and the finished product seems to impress the masses. The strange strip on the right is my attempt to make a felted headband for my mom to wear while walking her dog (she has waited a long time for this so I am crossing my fingers that the end product will be worth the wait).

Digging through my stash I found this lovely mostly-cotton-with-a-bit-of-angora-to-make-it super-soft yarn. I have started and frogged a few projects with this yarn but now I think it has found it's project.

In the end, it will be a little bag - which is sort of funny because I just wrote that bags are boring. This one, however, is not at all boring because of the tiny little pattern being knitted into it. This definitely makes knitting a bag more enjoyable and never fails to make me question who creates these patterns. I would never have the patience to come up with anything like this so I send out a thank you to all the hard working stitch pattern creators out there.
I couldn't help but notice that all my hard work has used up a fair portion of my stash. Here is my stash bag that was over-flowing at the beginning of the year and now look.

See at the top right? There is definitely space for more yarn. I do believe my self-imposed yarn diet may come to an end. See, I believe it is important (and necessary) to have a stash. I believe that if you have the yarn, the right project will eventually find you (this also applies to fabric). And honestly, sometimes I come across yarn so beautiful that I have no choice but to buy it and trust that the Yarn Goddess will lead me to the project. If not, it sure it pretty to look at.


Heather said...

Good grief, you are a felted clog knitting goddess. You can probably do them without looking by now. Are those all staying to live in your home or are they gifts.

Nicola said...

Admit it, you turned your stash bag on its edge and crammed the yarn down so you could make that space and have an excuse to fill it with more yarn, eh, eh!!!

Samantha said...

The smaller ones are gifts for my tiny footed friends (it was so nice to knit the small after working on the man's slipper!)

Nicola, it doesn't matter if they are a little crammed because they used to be crammed and over stuffed!! It's so nice to be able to open and close the bag without catching strands of yarn :)

Katherine said...

Wow! You've been busy. Can't wait to see how all these lovelies look when felted. I find that I enjoy the knitting/felting projects as the item looks so different when it's felted. The felted clogs are my favourite to make too.
Pretty yarn and stitch pattern for the bag you're making. Looking forward to seeing this project when it's done - you know that I became disenchanted with my felted tote over time... maybe I'll like the new pattern you're making better.