Monday, 10 September 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Some pictures of what we were up to this weekend.
We turned this nasty floor I posted about awhile ago

into this.
Even though I sometimes grumble about wishing that Mike Holmes would come and fix the rest of our house so that we didn't have to, it must be said that actually, my husband rocks when it comes to getting stuff done. Saturday morning we decided to cough up the extra $$ for cork flooring (it was on sale). We bought it and then I headed out to meet friends at the thrift store while S took the boys rock climbing. By the time I got home S was putting down the foam underlay and by bedtime we were done installing the flooring. When we do flooring the majority of the work goes to S and I am just the grunt labour. Sunday afternoon I painted the new baseboards that he had cut and he installed them last night. It looks lovely, he did a fantastic job on it. And come to think of it, he fills out a tank top rather nicely too, so really, who needs Mike. ;-) Besides he cooks too. Eggs Benny made with veggie ham and home made hash brown potatoes topped with peach tomato salsa
Here are Sunday's offerings from the garden.
I made this into stewed tomatoes to be used throughout the winter in soups, casseroles and stews. (I know that most people don't put zucchini in their stewed tomatoes but here anything that can have zucchini, does have zucchini) This was turned into more pesto to tuck away for winter.

E has been making bouquets of flowers for me and he made some for two of his favourite neighbours. So our poor, neglected canoe spent another weekend sitting in the yard, wondering when we would get around to paying it some attention. We have promised ourselves that next weekend we will take it out for a paddle and enjoy some time off in this gorgeous weather we are having. I guess I'll have to save the thrifting finds for another post.

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Samantha said...

Looking good Heather! Can't wait to see your floor in person :)