Monday, 8 October 2007

11 1/2 inch fashion doll **

I know that I said that I would get around to working on my Einstein coat this weekend, but my MIL brought these books with her because she was getting rid of them
and there were some patterns like these
for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls. Since I know a little girl with a birthday coming up soon, I thought I would just spend a bit of time practicing some crochet.Before you know it I had a skirt done and decided to try out the knitted top pattern. Girl toys are fun, much nicer than Bionicles. Although, how tall are Bionicles?

I also needed to get my tomatoes out of the garden as we are tired of worrying about frost and having to cover them all just in case
so now our garage looks like this
and we have boxes of thesewith more garden beds to clear of tomatoes tomorrow. But still not one of these.** Samantha - would that help you with your measuring? Barbie is an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll, it gives you a comparison anyway.


Anonymous said...

Love all your tomatoes! And your little doll outfit is adorable too :)

Katherine said...

I can see the temptation of making something for Barbie. Wish that making stuff for ourselves was as quick... and as cute!
Looks like you're covered for quite some time with an ample supply of fresh tomatoes. Another productive year of gardening for you, Mrs. Green Thumbs ;o)

Louise said...

When I was young my nan used to knit and crochet clothes for my dolls, they really were little works of art, just like yours. I hope your friend's little girl loves the clothes you have made for her doll as much as I loved mine. I haven't got many postings on my blog yet, but my first post was about Pippa dolls, you may remember them?

Heather said...

I think Nicola had Pippa dolls. I seem to remember you mentioning that once Nicola. Now I am wondering if they are a UK thing or if we did have them in Canada and I am just not remembering them.
Oh, I know, perhaps I am much too young to remember them. Ahem.

Nicola said...

Ooooh, you know how to get me commenting. Yes, I'm OLDER than you but it's possible that Pippa was a UK thing. I also had Cindy which was a less buxom version of Barbie!

Louise said...

Hi Heather and Nicola, I hope I haven't got you two arguing!
Heather: Maybe Pippa was a UK doll, funny but I never had a Barbie.
Nicola: One of my Sindy dolls was rescued from my dad's loft too but has got an arm missing, also a Daisy doll, remember her? I shall probably put a posting on Daisy in the near future, the doll and outfits were designed by Mary Quant. How great you lived on Jersey, I visited once as a kid and twice now with John, with him the first time for my 40th birthday present, we had such a lovely time we had to visit again recently. I may try to do another posting on what we got up to over there sometime.
Thanks both of you for looking in at my blog.
Louise x

Anonymous said...

A little off topic here.... but I was just noticing that your most recent post was done on Monday and it is now Thursday. How unlike you guys... You guys are my sure source of a new entry at my usual blog stops. It seems that there is too much knitting, harvesting, soup making, home renoing and travelling and not enough blogging. Look forward to your new messages :-)