Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Bits and Bobs

Blogger and I seem to be having some issues this morning so I will keep it short.

The other day we sampled our first squash of the season. This isn't my favourite kind but it was still delicious. Squash baking in the oven is another one of those sure signs of fall for me. E and S made pumpkin pies too. We aren't usually much for "crafty" crafts around here. We generally like to do things that you can either eat, use in some way or, ( we do that a lot) But I can never resist this craft that I remember from when I was little and both of my boys think it is fantastically cool. They love watching the crayon bits melt between the wax paper sheets. E and I were doing this while W worked on something else. I asked E to check if W wanted to do one too (he always has before) but W just said, "Nah." Boo hoo, I guess he is growing up and losing interest in some of the things we used to do. :-(Yesterday we had no power for about 7 hours. We did a lot of awful lot. We really enjoyed these books. They are really fun books that describe regular things around the home and how they have evolved through the ages, from ancient times through to modern. The cartoon-ish drawings are funny and we all really liked the series. Unfortunately it looks like there are only the three books in the series.

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Louise said...

I am going to check out those books for one of my friends youngest for Christmas, they look really good. We are having some trouble with pumpkins over here in the UK, we haven't had the right weather to ripen them and they are staying green, more scary looking though!