Monday, 1 October 2007

Kneglected Knitting?

OK, I am going to post some of my unfinished knitting pics in the hopes that it will enocurage me to get me arse in gear and get something done. I do plan on having quite a bit of knitting time this weekend coming up if the weather is poor, my inlaws are coming so I can knit while we visit.My Einstein coat has been mouldering in my knitting cupboard for so long. Now is the time of year when I could be getting a lot of wear out of it so I'd better get going on it. I have to admit that it is taking me so long to even get to it that it is not making me feel much like a genius...and I thought that was the point of this pattern. Some socks I am working on with some thrifted yarn. I want a nice long leg on these (I got 8 balls of yarn after all) but I also would like a contrasting heel and toe. I found the white yarn at the thrift store on the weekend and am wanting to dye it in a colour to go with the blue tones in the sock yarn.

And here is a crocheted rug. I make these out of strips of old sheets. The one in my kitchen desperately needs replacing and so I have been working on this one in my spare time. The problems is that I want this one to look nicely finished (and to last) so I am taking the time to iron the edges of each strip over, (yes, me...using an iron. )so it is taking me a long time. I think I have a deep aversion to ironing, possibly an inherited trait. I remember, as a child, laundry baskets full of things that never did get ironed...we just outgrew them.


ipsa said...

Your einstein coat makes my einstein coat look like a zygote. Well, it kind of is, since I've only ever done the cast on plus first row.

I'm keen to get going on it. Perhaps we could have a club? Keep each other company?

I have hunch, though, you'll be finished before I even get the yarn back out of my stash....

Heather said...

That club sounds like a good idea, maybe just the motivation I need. We had seven hours without power yesterday. There were so many things that I couldn't do but still, I did not work on the Einstein coat.