Sunday, 21 October 2007

Movie night.

Last night the guys went out to a showing of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival and I stayed home and watched a "girl night movie" ( that is any movie that has a story line, no shooting, preferably some, erm...talented actors and most preferably some period costumes - by which I really mean breeches) I ended up choosing Music and Lyrics and really enjoyed it. Hugh Grant is, I think, the kind of actor a person hears about and thinks, eck, what loser! and afterwards you really intend to dislike him. The problem is that he is just so bloody funny that I tend to forget my intention of dislike and find myself thoroughly enjoying his sense of humour. The movie included some flashbacks to the 80s music video scene and that was really funny to watch too. I thought the Pop video was a sort of combination between Duran Duran, Wham and, well, I'm not sure who else, certainly someone with scary hair and make-up. Fun movie though, thanks for the tip Katherine


Nicola said...

I saw that one at the store and wondered about it. Maybe I should get it this week while R is in Nelson! I can tell we're overdue for a movie night when we're watching movies separately instead of having a girls night!

Katherine said...

Glad you enjoyed this movie, but I thought that you were going to watch Sense and Sensibility while your guys were out for the evening?