Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Virtuous Consumer

(one of Helen and Scott Nearing's books)

I have been getting some excellent books from the library lately. I am just reading an incredible one that I think should be right up there in homelearning circles with John Holt, John Taylor Gatto, Marty Layne and the likes. The funny bit is that it isn't even a book about homelearning, I've only just found it and I want a copy of my very own. I never buy new books for myself, even when I wanted Scott and Helen Nearing's books I waited until (and am still waiting for some) I found them at the library sale, but I really think I must have this one. I think my kids must have it, and I want everyone I know to read it. Except I'm not saying what it is yet because I've only just picked it up yesterday at the library and I want to hog it all to myself for a bit. Aren't I awful?

Ooh, anyway I nearly forgot what I did want to post about. I just re-read that and thought what a tease I was but I did start out intending to tell about another good book. This one, THe Virtuous Consumer is somewhat similar to Ecoholic, it is full of all kinds of tips for living your day-to-day life in a healthier way.
Will get back to you on the other book soon.

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Katherine said...

What a meanie. You tell us that you have a great book but you're not sharing the title. Harumph! What's with that? ;o) Hurry up and read the book so that you can post about it and I can put a hold on it too. heehee