Friday, 26 October 2007

Simple Quilted Zippered Pouch

Here's more patchwork and another simple bag to keep me organized. I have been using the book Quilted Bags and Totes by Denise Clason, as it is full of design inspirations. A few alterations from her instructions - I did put a lining in mine and made my zippered pouch larger and I haven't yet added the grommets or the beaded zipper pull, but it's basically the same as per the book instructs. Her book is full of great bag designs, combined with beautiful fabric combinations and quilting.

This is a peek at the back and the inside. As you can see, I've already tucked in some of my thrifted tapestry wool for another project. A practical and pretty way to keep me organized.


Louise said...

Hi Katherine, these great craft projects just keep coming, really like!

Sarah said...

What a lovely little bag

Anonymous said...

Just what you need - another bag! :-) It's beautiful!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Cute little bag!
I've done a zipper closure on a couple of my bags, but they take me FOREVER.
Needless to say, I haven't really mastered the zipper, yet. LOL

Love the patchwork!
I'll have to keep an eye out for that book. It sounds like something I could use.

BTW, I've also tagged you on my blog. There's several "meme"s to choose from, if you have the time. :)


Süßstoff said...

That bag is perfect! Zippers and I never get along when trying to sew a pouch. So I'm alway amazed when I see people who don't seem to have any problems at all.
Very, very cute!

Denise Clason Studios said...

Katherine you did a beautiful job on the Yorkshire Tote from my book, Quilted Bags and Totes! Your quilting is very nice, too! that is a very fun tote to make and the zipper is so easy to do!

thanks for sharing the photo, I love to see what others feel inspired to make from my patterns/books!

hugs, Denise