Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Top-down sweater

Blogger wasn't allowing uploads of photos this morning. I'm glad to say they've obviously now fixed the problem and I'm able to show you the progress on the top-down raglan sweater.

This is the book from which I am taking the Viking happiness symbol for the front of the sweater.

This is the pattern in print and my knitted version so far.

I need to take the whole thing off the needles soon and put the stitches on a bit of waste yarn so I can try it on and make sure it's fitting well. I had a small emergency yesterday. For the raglan shaping, I am doing a yarn over, knit one, yarn over at each of the four increase points. I obviously wasn't looking closely enough at my work because I discovered my line of increases on one section had forked off to the right. I put markers either side of the mistake, counted how many stitches I should have on my needle when I finished fixing it, and then unravelled about ten stitches width of knitting down a few rows. I had to play around for a long time with a crochet hook but thankfully, somehow, I managed to get it looking almost identical to the correct sections again.

Now that we're having rain and wind and cooler temperatures, I'm so pleased! I have been wearing my fingerless mitts and today brought out the box of scarves, hats and gloves - what fun!


Katherine said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this sweater, Nicola. I love the design you chose. Sometimes I find I use my crochet hook almost as much as my knitting needles when I'm knitting (I am getting better at my knitting - not having to fix so many mess ups as when I started, but I do keep that crochet hook handy, just in case!)

Samantha said...

Looking good Nicola! I'm sure next time I see you, you'll be wearing your sweater :-)