Saturday, 3 November 2007

7 things about me

Katherine must think we're ignoring her - she tagged us for this a few days back and I've been thinking about it ever since.

1. I still have my favourite teddy bear from when I was a little kid. It's very worn but still loved!
2. I have been in three choirs in my life but I don't think I sing that well - and my kids hate to listen to my singing (it doesn't stop me though).
3. I can play the recorder (learned at primary school).
4. I am a black stripe in Taekwondo and expect to test for my black belt, first Dan, next Spring.
5. I have an Apple Mac and have loved them ever since I started using them over 20 years ago (boo to PCs).
6. I have twice rowed from Sark to Jersey in a rowing race that my dad and a friend started in the 1960s. If you look at the link you will see the sort of boat I rowed in - a coxed four, women's team.
7. I had measles and German measles (rubella) at the age of 7 and following that I had to start wearing glasses.

I'm going to go visit Janine and Louise and Rebecca and tag them now!

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