Friday, 2 November 2007

Aaaarrrgh!!! ( or if you prefer a positive outlook - how to be at one with a polymer)

This is my son's hair.This is my son's hair on Oobleck.

By this time I had already managed to get most of it out and it seemed funny enough to take a picture of it. A little while earlier? Not so much!

**a tip for all of you science experimenters - do not try to make a crown out of Oobleck and then crown yourself King of Polymers!!! Don't ask!


Louise said...

Hi Heather, I'd never heard of Oobleck, I have no kids of my own but I do know what scrapes they get into, my niece when young cut her own fringe with a pair of scissors, which unfortunately she had found, I hasten to add she didn't make a very good job of it. I hope all of this Oobleck rinsed out OK! x

Heather said...

Thanks Louise - It did all come out and he is fine, and I do not think he will be trying that again. :-)