Thursday, 1 November 2007

Yes, I have been knitting

I've been a bit quiet about the knitting lately, but you'll have to take my word for it that knitting has been happening. I'm not going to post photos of the Harry Potter scarf or the brown shrug because not much has changed - they are just a bit longer than the last time you saw them!

However, here are some photos of the top-down raglan sweater. I had to thread all of the stitches onto waste yarn to check the fit. One of the advantages of knitting top down is that you can try it on as you go. I thought the yoke might be big enough, but when I put my head through the neckhole and checked where the raglan "seams" were meeting under my arms I decided a little more knitting was necessary.

While the knitting was off the needles, I measured it every which way and counted the stitches in each section. Miraculously, the number of stitches on the front matched the number on the back (I say miraculously because the last time I counted, there were four more stitches on one side).
Once I had put all the stitches back on the needles, I knitted ten more rounds, only increasing on the sleeve sections because I think there are enough stitches on the body sections. Then I started work on the left sleeve, casting on eight stitches for the underarm part. I love those Denise cables - they make it so easy to leave the majority of the stitches on the long cable and knit onto a shorter cable for the sleeve. This was an attempt to capture the colour of the yarn. Grey, cream, browns, yellows - looks better "in the flesh"!

I made the mistake of going to the yarn shop to return an extra ball of Cascade Fixation from my dad's socks and of course walked out with two more balls of Marble in another new colourway! Ooops! Must resist starting another project.....

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Louise said...

Hi Nicola, I am afraid this means nothing to me, I cannot knit. You really have such a talent for this, wish I could create such practical things, if you can knit things like this I would keep on visiting that yarn shop. Louise x