Monday, 10 December 2007

Green Idea Book

Thought I'd mention this book to any of you interested in gorgeous photos along with a myriad of green lifestyle ideas. This book contains projects (e.g. a herbal flea collar or homemade fly paper), recipes (strawberry jam or forest fruit compote) and covers topics ranging from gardening (fruits, veggies and herbs) and animal husbandry (how to choose the right chicken for you ;o) to some options in eco-friendly building materials and well... everything in between! Besides being informative, the photos alone, in my opinion, set this book apart from other "green" books. Resources, at the back of the book, are included for topics given in the body of the book, make the search for eco friendly companies easier . You can source natural bodycare products, yard and garden products, eco-friendly home products and even humane livestock raising information. Definitely a book packed with "green" ideas!

1 comment:

Heather said...

I was excited to get that from the library after seeing it on your shelf. I like the pics in it too, and the poultry parts made me think that M-S would really like it.