Monday, 10 December 2007

More jeans bite the dust

Even though it is my 20th wedding anniversary today, and even though the dinner dishes were not done, I spent a few hours in my sewing room tonight making more bags. (Sorry, R, I do love you....really!)

I made two small bags to use as gift bags for friends this Yule. I made them from the lower legs of a wide-leg pair of jeans and used a contrasting fabric around the top edge and as a handle.

I had another pair of jeans covered in pockets that I loved, so I cut through the crotch seam then down the inner leg seams to open them out. I cut the bottom half of the legs off, rounded the corners and sewed the pieces together then lined the bag with a pink striped fabric.

It's very roomy, though the top opening is rather small in comparison. I was thinking of gifting this to a friend, but I'm not sure if it's up to scratch!

I made a little bag to co-ordinate with this. I had
a small piece of patchwork lying around from my
quilting days - it was English paper pieced by hand,
and I added on a few more hexagons, joined it into
a tube, and closed one end. This bag is lined
with the same pink striped fabric as the denim bag.

Now I have the delightful pleasure of tackling the mess in the kitchen and on the dining room table that was left there after dinner! Now you know why I'm on the computer, posting to the's called PROCRASTINATION!


dutchcomfort said...

Happy Anniversary!! The bags looks great!

Louise said...

Hi Nicola, I hope you and your husband had a great 20th anniversary, life changes but doing the dishes doesn't! More great bags, do you sell your stuff at craft fairs, you seem to be able to make at such speed, and to a very high standard I should add. I've been doing a lot of that 'p' word lately, let's face it everyone else seems to. x

Nicola said...

I don't sell my stuff these days. A few years ago, I was frequenting the craft market with some of my quilted bags but I sold nothing!

Someone saw me knitting the other day, wearing a scarf and poncho that I'd made, and said she'd pay me to knit a poncho for her, but I don't think she realises the hours that go into these things - I'd have to charge her so much she wouldn't want to pay!

Katherine said...

Hope you had a Happy Anniversary, Nicola!
Love the creativity emanating from your sewing room. Looks like fun!
Heehee I totally understand the procrastination game... why couldn't kitchens be self-cleaning?

Anonymous said...

Well, see, I was wearing a pair of jeans yesterday. And I was none too comfortable. I just don't understand how my pants keep shrinking in the waist -- is some fairy making adjustments in my closet? In any case, these really great (tight) jeans are now bound for the thrift store. Wish I could drop them off on your porch, just in case you wanted to make a little bag for me. :) --Nancy in NC