Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hats....and a decluttered sewing room

A quick update on the yarn used to make the monster hat of a few posts ago! Here is what happened to is now two hats! I made them on Tuesday on my Bond knitting machine. I'm not particularly happy with the blue striped one...I knitted straight for about 7 inches, then pulled every third needle out and put those stitches on waste yarn, pushed the needles back out of the way and knitted for 3 more inches. Then I had to use the latchet hook to hook up the ladders, which makes a kind of rib. It took me so long to do the hooking up that I think I could have knitted the d@mn hat by hand in the same amount of time. Won't be doing that again in a hurry! When I took it off the machine, I gathered up the top stitches but because there were so many there was still a hole in the top - hence the pompom.

The green striped hat worked out much better - just a rectangle with the points attached at the top.

Both of these hats have gone into the bag for the homeless.

This afternoon, I attacked my "sewing room". This is a small bedroom in the far flung depths of the basement that many years ago was set up to allow me to quilt in peace without having to use the dining room table. It was a pain in the arse to bring my sewing machine and other equipment and fabric from the hall closet to the dining table every time I wanted to sew, then truck it all back before dinner every night.

However, knitting has taken over from quilting in the last couple of years, so not a lot has been happening in the sewing room. Oldest son obviously noticed that and was allowed to (temporarily) take over the space for building his computer. Unfortunately, he didn't just build a computer, he also acquired a number of old monitors, keyboards, towers etc etc and then took them apart and strewed the pieces around the room!

Today was the day when I finally took action. I realised that if I cleared up the space, I could have a sewing/knitting room.

So that's what I did. As you can see, it's all pretty tidy now, except for a huge pile of old jeans, which hopefully will one day become some interesting bags and/or quilts. If I didn't have a load of post-dinner dishes to wash, I'd be in there sewing up a storm already!

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Louise said...

Nicola, those hats are going to keep two people's heads very warm over winter, well done to you. I am pleased you have been able to reclaim the space, you are so lucky to have a room you can dedicate to your hobby, we only have 2 bedrooms, one which we sleep in of course, and the other we use as an extra sitting/guest room with sofa bed and the computer, there is no room for anything else! That pile of jeans is going to make a lot of bags, I suggest you get cracking! x