Thursday, 6 December 2007

Old favourites

When the big boxes of decorations came out of the attic each year my brother and I could hardly stand it. We were always so excited to get the house decorated. I think for him it was more about the tree, I recall him loving to have lots of twinkling lights. For me (although don't get me wrong, I loved the tree, and since we had 16 foot ceilings, we always had a serious tree!), it was more about some particular favourite decorations. I felt like they were old friends, I knew that I would see them again each year, during a special time. Here is a picture of one of my favourites. These little candle holders belonged to my Grandma but we also had the same set in our home.They used to have a special spot on our fireplace mantel and I loved playing with them. But the very first thing that I would set up each year would be this angel candle and I liked to have it lit while we decorated the tree. It is still one of my favourites and I still love the sound the little bells make as the cherubs fly past and 'ding' them.


Anonymous said...

My Mom still has the old QUALITY version of the "dinging" angels, but I've yet to find a good quality version today for our home. I bought one at Jysk that would fall apart if you breathed too close to it, and then was excited to find a used one at Value Village, but alas it was garbage as well. For now I will have to visit "Grandma" to hear the "dinging angels".
Isn't it amazing how special those simple (& probably very inexpensive) decorations mean to us over the years??
Rebecca :)

Amy said...

i love the angel candle holders!

Louise said...

Christmas decorations do have special memories, I can still remember a lot of the ones we had, although don't ask me what happened to them, they were more than likely thrown out when my parents parted company. I did ask Dad the other day, he said he would search them out, I shant hold my breath! x