Friday, 21 December 2007

More Handmade Prezzies

We seem to have left some of our gift making 'til the last minute this year...well, what I would consider last minute, I'm not talking about what men consider last minute. :-) So, here are some pics of some of the things that we have been making today and yesterday.The boys made these yesterday, they are flower pens and they seem to be a hit with all the females in our family.
We have also been packing up a lot of preserves and I am wishing that I had done more jams and jellies this year, that'll teach me for just throwing all those fruits in the freezer to save time.

Some simple crochet cloths with some divine soap. It is Mountain Sky soap made in the Kootenays. I think that is the only bought gift that we have for the adults in our family. I love, love, love the Kali Spice bar.
A gift W made for my dad, he saw this shirt in a "help save the earth" book that he was reading and we thought it was great.
And this? Well, it will get done....I still have...what, four days?

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