Tuesday, 29 January 2008

(Almost) Done!

Almost is sort of theme in my life. So many projects have been abandoned when almost done (I have a short attention span - I blame Sesame Street). I remember walking around in a lovely shirt I made for a high school project with the bottom still needing a hem. I had made it through the buttonholes, the interfacing, the piecing it all together. Yet it lived forever almost done, all because of a little hem that would have taken me all 5 minutes to sew up. (I'm sure Katherine is falling out of her chair at this thought)

So here we have my almost finished sweater:

Not the greatest photo, now that I look at it. However, it will have to do since taking the time to get another picture will cut into my sewing time and I would like to work on my almost finished ottoman throws.

I'm pretty proud of my sweater. It's flaws are subtle enough that when people see it, they will look at me with an impressed look on their face rather then a pitying one (you know the one where they pat your head and grimace slightly while looking at your finished project - or does that just happen to me?!) All it needs to be completely done is a good blocking, as the bottom seems to like to roll up. As you can see, (the awesome) John Robbins is giving me a hand for the picture but I obviously can't wear it like that. The hood also needs a casing for a drawstring, even though I don't want the drawstring.

I will set myself a completion date of... um... February 10th. Before February 10th, 2008(ish), I will (probably) post a photo of the sweater all ready to be worn.

On my needles now:

A kicky, little beret! I have been teasing my husband that it's for him and that my feelings will be greatly hurt if he doesn't wear it. However, he said to me this morning that if he has to wear the above kicky, little beret, then he will start making me clothes too. Do I back off or do I say 'Let the games begin!'?


Katherine said...

Awesome sweater, Samantha! I love hoodies. Maybe you're 'almost' ready to give this one to me???? ;o)

Must laugh about the suggestion of letting "the games begin". I'm guessing he'd fashion you something along the lines of the Emperor's New Clothes. That would be a fashion statement sure to impress. You might want to wait for warmer weather though before donning such a wardrobe. teehee

Nicola said...

Make him wear a "kicky" little beret and he might just "kick" you out! Although maybe you could get him to model it for a photo for the blog. Well, R, are you brave enough for that?

Anonymous said...

Wow you've come a long way baby from those slippers you started making!

I think the whole family should wear those kicky little berets, mother father and son but not the grandma!

Very nice knitting!


Andrea said...

Oh Samantha! I WANT one of those!

RJDK said...

Ah yes, this conversation all over again...

I have a few ideas in the back of the old noggin for some "fashion" statement clothes. Much like when one paints a picture, the addition or subtraction of colour all contribute to the final product. So, that being said, the subtraction of fabric will be the new trend I set for your wardrobe. :)

much love from me

Mary-Sue said...

WOW! I LOVE the sweater and would consider the rolled-hem a fashion statement all its own. Do you know I have NEVER BLOCKED anything? And have no idea how? No wonder nobody begs ME to make them anything!
Can't wait to see the beret! Is it cotton? FUN!

Samantha said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Mary-Sue, the rolled-hem could be a fashion statement but it hides the lovely bottom detail and turns it into more of a belly sweater then a warming sweater!! I have never blocked before either so it should be interesting!
The beret is wool (I am using up my impulse wool purchases from years ago where I bought one ball of many different colours)

This sweater is so easy to make that anyone could do it (if I can, anyone can. trust me on this!)

Anonymous said...

that sweater looks like a pull on comfy sweater. Once you'll keep reaching for. The beret is cute too!