Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Miscellaneous ramblings

I woke up to a good 8 inches this morning. Now, get your minds out of the gutter, people, I'm talking SNOW!

Shovelling our driveway is definitely a good workout for the whole body when there's that much snow. And then I helped the kids shovel next door's drive too.

I'm feeling smug this afternoon - I have most of the dinner prep done and have done some knitting on the jacket. It's going to be quite long in the back, exacerbated (great word, that) by the fact that, as I mentioned before, my row gauge is a bit off, even though my stitch gauge is perfect. I hope I don't feel swamped in it when it's done.

I was sitting there feeling like I was in a time warp. When you're working on a piece that's decreasing by 4 stitches every 6 rows (for the raglan shaping) the rows go by faster and faster and you feel like you're knitting faster and you don't want to stop or put the knitting down because you just know you're going to be finished soon and....well.....I did put the knitting down because I wanted to post about it!

Tonight's dinner is the Tip Top Tofu Loaf from La Dolce Vegan (I made it a couple of weeks ago and everyone enjoyed it) and a pasta salad which will be dressed with a salad dressing from one of my other Sarah Kramer books. It's Maple Dijon Flax - but maybe I should call it Agave Mustard Flax, because I substituted agave for the maple syrup and yellow mustard for the Dijon. It tastes pretty good too. The true test will be later at dinner when the family get to eat it!

The house is quiet at the moment - oldest son is asleep (I did glimpse him briefly when I got up this morning, on his way to bed) and the younger two are playing some mysterious game that involves weapons made from Lego, backpacks which I am told are full of grenades and miscellaneous equipment strapped around their waists and tucked into their waistbands. Aaah, boys!


sheila said...

I woke up to a good 8 inches this morning. Now, get your minds out of the gutter, people, I'm talking SNOW!
Sigh. And there I was, thinking "Oooeeee, this is something to wake up to!"

At least you aren't on the Wet Coast, where it doesn't know whether to snow or rain, so it does both at once. Very boring AND wet. Even my garden is gagging.

Mary-Sue said...

hee hee
Thanks for the giggle.
that's my ideal morning (not the 8 inches, keep reading!) -- having supper prep done and some crafting all before lunch. you go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, who knew what advanced weapons could be made from legos?? Or starwars sabers. Or whatever. Boys are fun...

I want to make that sweater you're making, but haven't figured out what yarn I'd want to use.

Lisa said...

First time reading your bog, what a great idea to have friends writing together. You should have it printed into a book and share it when you're old old ladies.