Thursday, 3 January 2008

Scarf progress

Remember the scarf I told you about a couple of days ago? The one that I wanted to knit at least four inches on per day to achieve my goal? Well, in three days I have knitted 41 inches! Wahoo!!!

It's a good project - the first 15 inches have the interest of the textured/cabled pattern, then about the time you get fed up with that you switch to the ribbing. Then when you've had enough of 18 inches of ribbing, you get to return to the fun part and the cables again.

I only have 7 inches left to knit on this and it'll be done. No worries about this not arriving in time for FIL's long as Canada Post and the Royal Mail do their bit.


Katherine said...

This is such a gorgeous scarf, Nicola. I'm in love with the cables and the soy yarn is so soft. We managed to knit along quite nicely this evening. Maybe that's the key to me making faster progress... friends to chat with while I knit. ;o)

Heather said...

I don't know....I didn't seem to get much knitting done at all. Does that mean I was chatting too much?

Mary-Sue said...

Wow! this is REALLY beautiful! Perhaps I could borrow the pattern from you someday? Really lovely.