Thursday, 3 January 2008

Another post and then I really should get to bed!

Just a little supplementary post...I have been trolling around my computer, doing the usual stuff...checking emails, reading blogs, posting to this blog, dropping in to Ravelry. Here's why I spend more time on the computer these days...when I make some knitting progress, I find myself having to post about it in three places. Here, of course. On Ravelry. And in the knitting conference in the "virtual village" organized by the school with whom my kids are enrolled as homelearners. What's the next best thing to knitting? Well, talking and reading about it, of course.

I just updated my profile photo in Ravelry. Just for a laugh, here it is. And if you want to come visit me, my ID is NicolaKnits. See you there!

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Louise said...

Nice to see you Nicola, I thought I was only ever going to see the back of your head. Not sure when I shall post a photo of me, I dislike them at the best of times. Maybe I'll keep everyone wondering for a little longer! x