Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Seaman's scarf progress

Here is the scarf that I cast on yesterday. I have made myself a goal of 4 inches of knitting a day so that I can complete it in 2 weeks. I am ahead of that at the moment.

The stitch pattern is from the Lion Brand website and is called Gingerbread.

It's a 6 row repeat which at first had me wondering whether I'd bitten off more than I could chew, but actually it's easy to memorise and it's growing fast. If you look at that link, their knitted sample shows three repeats across the swatch, but it's not balanced, so I added a half repeat on the right of the scarf to make things even.

The Bernat Soy yarn is quite pleasant to work with, if a bit splitty at times. I'm using the size of needle suggested on the ball band (5mm/US#8) which is fine for cables and drape, but if I was knitting stockinette I would use a finer needle.


Leigh said...

Hi. I found your blog by following links. I love the stitch you're knitting. Thanks for the link to it. I also enjoyed looking at your recipes.

Louise said...

Hi Nicola, please apologise to your teenager for my music, I would have thought it embarrassing at that age too! I will gladly download some Foo Fighters if he would prefer that, not sure what the other bloggers would think though? I do wish you wouldn't keep showing these knitting projects, and saying they are easy peasy, when I can't even cast on, it is most infuriating! x

Nicola said...

I hadn't heard of Foo Fighters but L knows who they are!

You know what they say, it's easy when you know how.