Friday, 4 January 2008

Teen beanie

You can tell it's been a quiet day at home...lots of knitting done. Oldest boy crashed out after long night on his computer. Younger two played with neighbour's kid, both here and next door. I've been making this - a beanie for said oldest boy!

It came out a little deep - when I put it on, it came well over my ears. Considering how much hair the man-boy has, and the size of him, hopefully it will fit him.

This was inspired by a T shirt he saw online with this very succinct message written on the front. Hope he likes it! I have left it where he will be sure to find it - draped across his mouse.

I used my Bond knitting machine for the straight part and hand-knit the crown and ribbing. It's made from one ball of black Bernat Satin and a small amount of the colour "silk" for the lettering.


Mary-Sue said...

it's lovely! but pardon me, what does "meh" mean?

Nicola said...

I think it means something like "whatever". A verbal shrug? Anyway, L liked the hat - he said I'd finally made something that he would wear!!!