Thursday, 17 January 2008

This information could save your life

I want to tackle a serious subject today because it has been weighing heavily on my mind for a while. What I have to say is based on my own reading and my introspection and I feel I have to write about it here because I want to share some amazing information that I have learned.

The subject is cancer - the very word strikes fear into one’s heart - it’s probably one of the things that people fear the most.

A dear friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock, I wanted to find out more about the cancer and the treatment and what she was likely to go through, expected side effects and all. I borrowed a book from the library written by a woman who’d been through the standard chemotherapy/radiation treatment and was in remission. The book was good in one way - she explained the side effects that are possible as a result of the drugs/radiation, and that information may help me support my friend. However, I was disturbed by one chapter in the book in which she totally dismissed “alternative medicine” as unproven quackery. That didn’t sit well with me.

I have long been a cynic when it comes to standard medicine. Many people who go to their doctors with a list of symptoms are prescribed a pill to get rid of the symptoms, with no attempt to discover or treat the underlying cause.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, we may think we know why they have it - maybe they smoke, maybe they drink a lot of alcohol. But there are many people who do these things for years and never develop cancer. Why not?

I think that if we want to heal ourselves, we need to know the reason we got sick in the first place. Otherwise, any treatment will surely only be a temporary measure. With many cancers, there seems to be nothing obvious to blame it on. What could cause breast cancer? I had lots of theories. Plastics? Pollution? Tight bras? Pesticides? I didn’t know, it just seemed so unfair that cancer could strike indiscriminately.

I am reading a book right now that I think should be required reading for anyone who has cancer or wants to avoid it. This book has completely changed the way I see cancer and its treatment. It is called The Cure for all Cancers by Dr Hulda Regehr Clark. Picture me on my knees, in all seriousness, begging you to read this book and recommend it to your friends, especially if they have cancer.

Since reading this book, my fear has left me. I am relieved beyond measure because I have learned that THE CURE FOR CANCER HAS BEEN FOUND. Dr Clark gives complete and comprehensive information in her book which anyone can use to cure themselves completely, quickly and inexpensively.

Her years of research and treating patients have resulted in her incredible depth of knowledge of human physiology. She says that in every cancer case that she has treated, she has found a certain parasite in the body along with high levels of isopropyl alcohol. The full information is in her book, but to summarise, this parasite can live harmlessly in our intestines for many years without causing us problems BUT if isopropyl alcohol builds up in our bodies the parasite’s entire life cycle can then be completed within our bodies and THAT’s when the cancer can develop.

Her treatment is simple - de-parasitize your body - with a combination of wormwood, black walnut and ground cloves plus painless use of a “zapper”, a simple electronic machine which painlessly executes the parasites in your body, you CAN cure your cancer in three weeks. The combination is important, as you need to kill the eggs, larvae and adults. Once the cancer is gone, she goes on to explain how to ensure that tumours disappear and you regain complete health by cleaning up your body, your home, your environment.

I know there are many people who will not believe that it can be that simple. Why, if it’s that easy and inexpensive, aren’t more people following Dr Clark’s regime? Her books are available at the library for anyone to read. Why wouldn’t doctors be suggesting this course of treatment first, before the radical step of toxic drugs, radiation and surgery? Dr Clark’s treatment has no dangerous side effects and could result in many people avoiding losing parts of their body to the surgeon’s knife. I want those questions answered myself.

Again, my cynical side is stepping in, reminding me that there is a lot of money to be made in the cancer “business”. I have read that it costs $300,000 to treat ONE cancer patient. That money is going to the oncologists, the drug companies, the companies that make special machinery. Then there are the cancer charities - I refuse to give money to them. I have a number of concerns: that they may well be testing on animals; they may be spending so much money on administration and excessive salaries that little of the money received may actually be going to “research”; and that the money would be better spent on preventing cancer, by cleaning up our air, water, food and soil.

Now that I know that de-parasitizing the body can result in such a dramatic cure, I feel that there is something I can do for myself that will keep ME healthy. By regularly de-parasitizing my own body, surely that will improve my chances in staying healthy. This empowers me.

Amen to that!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're not a person I can picture on their knees! I have requested the book and am still waiting for it, I will definitely read it. I heard some people at the clinic talking about the zapper, I think they said it was made locally.

Samantha said...

You may rise off your knees Nicola. ;o) I have put a hold on both of her books.

Anonymous said...

Blog entitled “This Information Could Save Your Life” could just as easily be titled
“This Information Could Cost You Your Life”

There is no doubt that certain personality types are more prone to illness including some of the cancers; there is no doubt that some personality types respond better to therapy be it conventional medicine or less conventional medicine. This is a fact that has been long accepted by mainstream doctors.

People who are more attuned to their body, people who avoid excesses, people with positivity, people who maintain a healthy body weight etc etc tend to notice ill health earlier and tend to respond better to treatment - this is not rocket science.

Some of the cancers can be avoided with healthy lifestyle choices, barrier methods of contraception are known to hugely reduce the incidence of cervical cancer; the pill for all its detractors is known to reduce the incidence of some cancers whilst seeming to increase the risk of cervical cancer. In reality those who use the pill tend not to use barrier methods which increases the risk of cervical cancer – from this we learn that we have to very critical when comparing statistics.

A lack of roughage may put us at higher risk of bowel cancer - don’t even get me started on smoking.

Some cancers such as breast cancer have a largely genetic link which is not yet fully understood.

We do know that breast examination, mammography, and effective management can lead to earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment, often reducing the need for radical surgery or aggressive drug therapy.

We know that oestrogen feeds tumours and that obese patients are more at risk – this is because stored fat produces oestrogen which feeds tumours and also it is harder to palpate a small tumour in a large breast ergo in the larger lady, breast lumps are often first noticed when they are more mature having been fed by raised levels of oestrogen.

With better education and awareness breast cancer may be diagnosed more often but it is also being treated much more effectively than ten years ago.

There is no magic cure for all cancers – there never will be. There is no one way to avoid all cancers though there is much we can do to avoid some cancers.
To write a book suggesting that all cancers can be avoided and/or treated may make the author a tidy sum of money but will ultimately misguide those who won’t look at this important health topic from all angles. Doctors and patients have to be open minded and not just cling desperately to one panacea.

In my personal view, it is essential that any abnormality such as ovarian cysts, breast lumps, vaginal or rectal bleeding indicate a need for expedient and reliable diagnosis by a physician using all the tools and tests available to modern science.

A herbalist may give a totally erroneous diagnosis causing delays in treatment which may cost lives.

A herbalist may suggest a liver cleanse which will certainly improve systemic health and give an overall sense of well being in a transitory way. At the same time an undiagnosed cyst or cancer may be growing to the extent that it becomes problematic or impossible to treat.

Once the patient has a reliable diagnosis – from a physician – then they are quite right to explore what treatment is available to include conventional medicine, alternative medicine or a combination of both. But diagnosis of cancer is way beyond the remit of a herbalist and most other alternative therapists.

You make the point that doctors treat symptoms without looking for underlying causes of illness – I can only suggest that you consider changing your doctor - they don’t all dismiss their patients with a prescription. A good doctor should be a good healer.

Your closing comment about being empowered is important – but knowledge is power – and in our pursuit of knowledge we must be open minded and try to combine the best ancient wisdom with the best cutting edge technology. Seek out the best of both worlds. You may put off the big sleep; you may be able to die healthy. You will still die one day but the world won’t stop turning.

Nicola said...

Thank you, anonymous, for your considered response. I agree with much of what you say, however I will pick up on one thing - and this is just my personal opinion, of course. I think that mammography is more likely to cause cancer, with its doses of radiation, than it is to help prevent it. Our bodies are changing all the time, and many things are present today which, by tomorrow, may have been dealt with by our miraculous immune systems. A mammogram may find a small lump that would otherwise have been missed - however, that small lump could be something that will go away on its own, but once one is aware of it, one worries about it, pokes and prods and biopsies it until more major problems result.

This book wasn't written by a herbalist, but by a naturopathic doctor. This means that she had the same training as a regular GP, PLUS extra years of training in holistic medicine and nutrition.

I certainly agree with you that we need to keep an open mind, but I am sure that most oncologists are so firmly ensconced in their belief system that they will not consider an alternative to their conventional treatment and will not support their patients in looking at alternative remedies.