Monday, 28 January 2008


Woke this morning with discomfort in the tummy - I knew why - ovulation again. Seems to me that this time of the month is worse than period time. It just confirms what I already knew - that it's time to cut back on the stodgy winter foods and eat more raw.

It's interesting that eating raw food should help with "women's" problems, but of course the benefits are not restricted to that.

Jeans have been getting tighter over the last few months and increasing my percentage of raw food always results in weight loss for me.

I have plenty of motivation, apart from the fact I want to feel comfortable in my clothes (I don't know what I weigh, don't own bathroom scales, I go by how I feel).

I have three months to prepare for my Taekwondo black belt test. K and I have increased our attendance from 2 to 3 times a week and I have drawn up a study schedule for extra practice at home. The more strength and stamina I have, the better, especially for those flying kicks!

In four months we are going to Britain to visit our close family and I certainly want to look my best for that! The parents will be happy to see that we are healthy.

Now if I could just add in a little weight-training - but I HAVE to find time for knitting too! Maybe heavier knitting needles?


sheila said...


I notice a definite improvement in my PMS (which hit me after having kids) when I keep track of my diet, and keep it on the side of more vegetables/less dairy.

I'm intrigued to see you tracking your raw intake. Do you find it chilling at all?

Nicola said...

Only when I eat smoothies!

No, I know what you mean, and in fact the colder weather in the fall has been my downfall when I have had successfully raw summers. Comfort foods call. I suspect that it is our inherent nature to eat well and put on some weight at that time of year to see ourselves through the lean months of winter (I'm talking in the days before supermarkets)!

Mary-Sue said...

Heavier knitting needles! he he he he
that's funny. you might be onto something there, though! how about knitting in the air? above your shoulders? and then laying on a bench with your upper torso off the bench, knitting while you hold yourself horizontal? hee hee
I'm liking these images. Could you take some photos and post them on here? Knitting calisthenics? he he