Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy knitting day

I was a happy camper the other night, staying up until 1am to finish one of the pieces on my Sunrise Circle Jacket.

When I picked up my knitting that evening, I was so close to finishing the left front that I just had to get to the bind off.

Then of course I wanted to make sure that the back and front pieces were going to go together properly, so I had to finish the last few rows of the back. I had left them because I was agonising about whether the back was going to be too long for me, and wondering whether I should be knitting the front in a smaller size, yada yada.

I laid the pieces out flat on the floor and they are looking good!

Here --------------> the two raglan edges are butted up against each other. Above I have laid the front on top of the back and folded the sleeve so I could measure the length of the sleeve from neck to wrist.

The sleeve may be a little longer than I'd like, even though I omitted the 1.5 inches of straight knitting that the pattern instructions stated after the sleeve shaping was finished. I won't really know until it's all sewn together.

I have cast on for the right sleeve and I'm looking forward to getting this finished soon.

Raw Score:
Wednesday 70%

Thursday 86%
Friday 83%

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