Friday, 15 February 2008

My sons, the artists

Our homeschool support group met at the local Art Gallery this week. The children were to make prints.

They were given a sheet of black paper, a sheet of white cardstock, a piece of perspex, some oil pastels and some string and other textured bits and pieces.

There was a lot of explaining to be done, but they were all very attentive. They ranged in age from 8 to 12 and they all did a fantastic job of producing some amazing artwork.

First they drew shapes on their black paper. Next they cut out different shapes from their white card. Then the perspex was covered with gold ink using a roller, and the white shapes were arranged on top of the ink. They then had to bring everything over to the press, where the perspex and paper were layered and rolled through the press to make a print. After the first print was made, some of the white card and textured bits were removed and another "ghost" print was taken.

These were the results that we brought home. Neat, eh!

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Louise said...

Hi Nicola, looking at these, your sons have a bright future, they are fantastic. x