Monday, 3 March 2008

Bread and chocolate

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some bread from my local bakery. Being in the process of minimising the amount of plastic that I am bringing in to my house, I asked the girl behind the counter to just give me the bread without first putting it in a plastic bag.

She was gobsmacked - amusingly so. Couldn't understand my request at first! This bread, the medium sourdough rye, is one of the few products in their bakery that we can eat (no milk or eggs) and it is on the shelf, naked as the moment it came out of the oven. Why would I want it in a plastic bag?

I can understand that the sliced loaves need to be wrapped (though I think they could easily display all their bread unsliced and just cut it on request).

Anyway, rather than scrabble around in my cloth bag cupboard for some plastic bags to re-use, I decided to make some rather attractive fabric bags, especially for my visits to the bakery. (My supply of organic wholewheat flour has been unreliable recently, hence the bought bread.) Today, I used them for the first time - the woman in the shop was surprised but impressed!

And Heather's produce bags made from old sheer drapes inspired me to make some bags of my own - I made seven of them and they only took a few minutes each.

While I'm here, I have to tell you about Green and Black's 70% chocolate. I was at my usual health food store on Sunday and put a bar in the cart. I left my husband in the aisle, deciding on his treat, and carried on shopping. He came to find me and showed me that the label had a new sticker over the old ingredients list. I can't believe this, but for some reason they are now putting milk in the 70% chocolate bars. Oh well, their loss, I bought a Terra Nostra one instead - I think it was 73% - and it's good! Vegans beware - you have to keep reading labels, even when you're familiar with a product.

I've been mostly good on the raw percentages this week - one tiny blip on the radar (ahem). We went out to lunch on Sunday to the Lake Tai. Vegetarian Taiwanese cooking, very tasty, and I'm pleased that each time we go, the boys seem to get more adventurous with what they'll eat. However, it's ALL cooked - no salads even - so whilst it was a delightful meal, it threw my numbers out for the day. Ah well, back on the wagon today.

Raw Score:
Friday 87%
Saturday 97%
Sunday 50%
Monday 87%


Samantha said...

I still haven't tried Lake Tai yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about it!

Samantha said...

The G&B 85% chocolate is still vegan (and 15% better for you:-)

Louise said...

Hi Nicola, yet another good idea, and the material looks like bread too. I expect the girl behind the counter was impressed, I am impressed. x