Thursday, 6 March 2008

Spring -ish

My usual walking spot is showing some signs of Spring. The snow is melted, except for a few small patches in the shady spots. There were little signs of life everywhere - really little signs...bug size, in fact. The sun was shining, the air was fresh, the birds were out. Lovely!


sheila said...

Very lovely, Heather. I don't see any signs of snow! Very encouraging weather, isn't it.

Louise said...

Is this scenery on your doorstep, what a stunning place to live? There doesn't look as if there is any sign of life there, it looks so peaceful. Lucky old you to be able to take a walk in a location like this. x

Heather said...

Just bits of snow in deep shade areas, Shelia. It is very encouraging, and I have been digging to my heart's delight in my front gardens. Yesterday we were emptying the compost bins in the back ( I didn't even shriek each time we saw a mouse run out), and I was noticing that it really is still too wet for me to be mucking about much in the veg. beds. Sigh.
Louise, there is a mountain between my doorstep and that view, so I just have to get myself up to at least the lower part of the mountain to get to see that scene. When we first moved here it was very peaceful and wooded there, for the last few years developers have been cutting down trees and making way for houses. :-(