Monday, 31 March 2008

The Freedom Manifesto

Here is a book that I enjoyed immensely; my husband is reading it now (with hardly any arm-twisting), and he seems to be enjoying it as well.

How's that for a title? This book provides interesting, thought-provoking reading as well as some laughs. I think it is a worthwhile read.
Warning: once you are finished reading it, you might just be tempted to take up gardening and learn to play the ukulele. I already do both those things, but have still been inspired in other ways.


Nicola said...

I think I need that book NOW. I am having a very frustrating day.

sheila said...

You play the ukelele? Aww, will you play me a little Tip Toe Through the Tulips?

Heather said...

No, but I could play you English Country Garden...would that do?