Saturday, 29 March 2008

Sock is growing

I am really pleased with the fit of this sock. (My husband commented that it will be very difficult to walk in with all those spikes - ho ho - what a joker!) It is growing faster than I expected, considering how tiny the stitches are, and how infrequently I am working on it.

Are you going to turn your lights off tonight for Earth Hour? People around the world are joining together to turn their lights off between 8 and 9pm this evening to save energy. Wouldn't it be great if companies were to do it too - just think of all those office buildings that have lights burning all night long!


Louise said...

Love the socks Nicola, just my colours. I am afraid I forgot about Earth Hour, although I am very good at turning off lights behind me, more than I can say for John. I often comment about the bungalow on the corner from us, their place is like Blackpool illuminations, I wouldn't care to have their quarterly bill. x

Joanne said...

Those socks are lovely...I really like the length of them...mid calf...just what I am looking for. We kind of did earth hour...I will admit we did have one light burning to read our bedtime books...couldn't find a single flashlight in our house that had batteries in it that weren't dead!
PS I haven't heard that saying about 'blackpool illuminations' since I was a kid...reminded me of my dad:)

Anonymous said...

My family loved the Earth HOUR so much that we continued on til 11pm, and the kids think it should become a Saturday evening tradition :)
Rebecca :)