Friday, 28 March 2008

A pretty lunch

I just had to photograph my lunch today because it was just so damn good-looking! (OK, not as good-looking as Johnny, or Colin, or Alan, but in their know!)

It is a yellow bell pepper, nested in shredded lettuce, and filled with a pate made from soaked sunflower seeds, carrot, lemon juice, garlic and seasalt, all blitzed together in the food processor. Then I poured some home-made salad dressing over the whole thing.

All raw, and very satisfying.

I like David Wolfe's "food triangle" that he diagrams in the Sunfood Diet Success System. His raw food triangle is divided into three segments - fruits, leafy greens, and fats (such as avocados, coconuts, and cold-pressed oils). Get a balance of these every day and you're doing well. This lunch fits the bill - fruit (pepper), leafy greens, fats (sunflower seeds, olive oil). And I finished it off with a couple of fresh Medjool dates for dessert.

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Amanda said...

Wow, that looks delicious. That dish makes raw look yummy....