Saturday, 22 March 2008

Yard work-out

I didn't need an indoor workout today because I did an outside one instead! R and I spent a few hours outside, shovelling and tipping and spreading landscaping rocks. These rocks have been sitting in our driveway for about two years, waiting to be used. Now our driveway is looking way smarter. We took out a small cedar too, which was half dead and getting in the way of our burning bushes. At the moment, they don't have any leaves, but soon they'll be full of foliage and in the fall they turn a beautiful shade of red. (We like the colour so much we took a leaf to the hardware store to get it matched so we could paint our front door the same colour.)

I also raked up two wheelbarrows-worth of dead leaves, pine needles and cones down the other side of the drive. I have left a couple of bundles and a bin full of cuttings at the top of the drive for the next time the yardwaste truck goes by. I'll be glad when the lawn is looking green again.

R put in five rows of garlic last fall - they are already about 6 inches tall - it's just as well garlic stores well because that's a LOT!


Louise said...

Glad to see that snow has melted. Your grass will be green again in no time. x

sheila said...

So Nicola, tell me, what colour WAS it? We had a colour on our deck in California that was called Chinese Dragon, but I can't find it up here, and I bet your burning bush colour looks great on your door. Or is that too sitting in the driveway...(ha!)

Nicola said...

I tried to find a photo in iPhoto, but no luck. It's a lovely shade of deep red, slightly pinkish.