Friday, 21 March 2008

Socks and pie

I managed to stay awake late last night and squeeze in some knitting time, something which has been sadly neglected in the last few days.

I made a reasonable amount of progress on the leg of the sock (considering there are 8 stitches and 10 rows to the inch)! After the first couple of inches, I changed to stockinette - there was no way I was going to knit 6 inches of Knit 2, Purl 2 rib!

R and I went for a long walk this afternoon as he had the day off work. We walked down the hill from our house to a Regional Park which runs along the lake. It slopes from high above the lake down to a beach, so we walked a loop, along a high trail to one end, along the lakeside trail to the other end, then up and along another high trail to get back to where we started from. I wish I had taken the camera - the views were blogworthy! Blue sky, blue lake, clouds and rainfall visible in the distance. The wind was cold and I was glad I took a jacket, though predictably I had to shed my hoody half way around as I was too hot. It was all uphill back home.

This pie was our dessert tonight. I made pizza for the men in the family - I just had salad, but I was not bothered about missing out on pizza when I knew I had this to look forward to. The pie is 100% raw. I made it by soaking for a few hours 2 cups of raw almonds and 2 cups of raisins in separate bowls. I defrosted some frozen berries - a mixture of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I drained the nuts and raisins and put the almonds in the food processor first. Chopped them up as finely as I could. Added the raisins and chopped and mixed them in. Tipped the whole lot into a glass dish and pressed it down with my hands, making a depression in the centre. I mixed a little raw agave syrup in with the berries, then poured them into the centre.

Much easier than a baked pie and way healthier.

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