Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Contest winner - please show yourself

I posted last week that the winner of my little prize for the airplane knitting was Noble Retrievers, but I haven't heard from them. There was no contact information so I'm relying on that person emailing me.

If I haven't heard anything in the next few days, I'll pick another name...one that has a contact email or blog where I can leave a comment.

Yesterday I really felt like Spring was here - I was doing my housework and went outside to take something to the garbage can, and the sun felt hot. (The temperature was about 13 degrees Celsius!) The back of my house faces south, so it's quite a suntrap. Later I did a couple of loads of laundry and I decided to hang it out on the clothesline. It dried well, and the showers that threatened on the horizon never made it as far as my house.

I love drying clothes outside - it's so pleasant walking down through the fruit and nut trees to the spot where I have my rotary dryer set up. And I have the added bonus that it's free and environmentally friendly!

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Louise said...

It's great to be able to get your washing dry outside. Today it was 12 degrees C here, we have a suntrap too, I was outside doing the gardening in a vest top, not bad for April, and considering we had snow for the first time this year last Sunday! x