Monday, 7 April 2008

Enjoy Spring; and add some seaweed to your soup

These blue beauties are rewarding to see while doing my spring yard work clean-up ( I know, I know, I'm slow). Maybe I'm pacing myself?
Anyways, the temperatures outside are still chill enough to make it rewarding to come inside and warm up with a bowl of this tasty soup. Don't let all those beans scare you off. Just put some seaweed in your soup. Adding kombu to the soup does seem to help with the gas factor caused by the beans.
Of course, you could just spend the rest of the day outdoors if you don't want to add the seaweed to your soup ;o)


Heather said...

I'm thinking we should all spend the day outside and then come to your house for soup. Yours always tastes so good. My grape hyacinth aren't blooming yet, I will have to keep my eye on them.

Louise said...

Katherine, I put seaweed in my compost! Although my Mum used to take kelp tablets, I suppose they would be similar? I think I would rather put up with the gas factor. Not sure him indoors would though! x

Felicia said...

Beautiful flowers :)

ipsa said...

Katherine... just looking at that soup makes me hungry. It looks so good!

Care to share the recipe? or source?