Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cute kids

Aren't these such cute faces? Of course, I am totally biased - they are me and my husband as babies! I scanned these old black and white photos in last night....and I'm glad I did, because if the photos ever get damaged, I'll have them on my computer.

Now I'm challenging my blog partners to show us photos of them and their dear husbands as babies or children.


sheila said...

Nicola! You've hardly changed!

You even have the same expression as you did in the photo of the Sunrise Sweater.

Thanks for the BWAP award! Smooches to all! I didn't realize I was purpose-ableish. I am delighted. (Sheila swoops off her hat and swings it in a downward arc to her feet and bows like a musketeer).

Nicola said...

Thanks Sheila - I think! Definitely more cute then than now.

My Sunrise circle jacket is FINISHED, buttons and all. I can wear it now - yippee!