Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Our adventures

It seems appropriate, after Katherine's mention of getting kids out in nature, to tell you about our hike this afternoon. We went to a Regional Park that we've visited before, but this time we pressed on, following the creek further up than ever before, and found more waterfalls.

It was perfect hiking for boys, though we did have some adventurous girls there too. Ups and downs, fallen logs everywhere, rocks and treeroots to master, slippery slopes and a creek. A couple of scrapes were suffered by two of the boys and there were a few wet feet, but mostly it was a lot of fun. And the sun shone.

S sitting above a steep drop of about 12 feet to a deep pool. Sad to see the foam on the water and a few plastic bottles lying around - evidence of human pollution.

Small waterfalls.

Bigger waterfalls.

The same waterfall, seen from above. The boy on the right had just sent a log down the flow of water.

I never fail to feel gratitude for my ability to enjoy hikes like this, with its climbing and scrambling and enjoyment of the use of my own muscles. It feels so good.


Nan said...

Oh, I wish I could jump right into those pictures and go explore that area with you! It looks so beautiful and interesting. I might lag behind in the hiking part, since I haven't walked much this past winter, but I did pull out my walking shoes this morning and got moving. It felt great to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and perfect spring morning.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

looks like a lot of fun
S is far braver than I am
shame on people and that rubbish
beautiful area