Friday, 18 April 2008

Rag Rug for free to good home.

Well, I've posted about my love of rag rugs before here, and how I make them here. But, this is even better than making them, today as we were leaving the thrift store the boys spotted a rag rug by the door. We opened it up and I oohed and aahed over the colours. Then W said, "Look, there's a sign that says free." Well, not much to think about there, is there. We rolled it back up and brought it home to live with us.*One day I really will write an ode to thrift stores.
**Nicola - did you drop that off there?


Nicola said...

No, it wasn't mine! I did drop a big bag of clothes at the Salvation Army though. And I came home with a lamp and a zipper, big spender that I am!

Anonymous said...

Darn... I read the title and thought you were giving away one of your rag rugs to a good home. One can hope though :)